CThaGod’s Concrete Journal: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet, That Is The Question


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“It’s Hard Not To Kill Niggas, It’s Like A Full Time Job Not To Kill Niggas.” Jay Z spit that in 97, back when shit was REAL. When you couldn’t just talk all crazy and reckless about someone and not expect them to come see you. That line Jay Z spit was from the perspective of a hustler who was out there getting big money and couldn’t risk his fortune on some lame in the street running his mouth. Basically what Hov was saying was, “I hear you suckas talking and I would love to come see your punk ass but I’m showing restraint because I don’t want to fuck up my money.”

Fast Forward to 2011 and the crazy reckless talk that lames do about people in positions of power is still here it’s just not in the streets so much.  Now the bullshit has gone digital. That’s why I’ve repositioned Jay Z’s classic bar and turned it into this, “It’s Hard Not To Tweet Niggas, It’s Like A Full Time Job Not To Tweet Niggas.”  Don’t front we’ve all been there.  You log onto your twitter, open up your @ replies and you see a bunch of people you don’t even know saying the most disrespectful shit to you ever!  This is shit that you know they would never, ever say to you face to face.  All you want to do is reply back to these lames in a more disrespectful manner because you’re offended, but we have to learn to not take offense because that which offends you only weakens you and causes you to create the same negative energy that offended you in the first place.

I don’t mind some one’s opinion if that opinion is coming from a good place. You can say The Breakfast Club on Power 105 1 sucks, you can makes jokes about my personal appearance, you can say that you think I have no talent and none of that bothers me. What does bother me is when blatant G Codes get violated. See I was born in 1980 and the era I grew up in you couldn’t tell another man “Suck Your Dick” or call another man a “Faggot” or wish death upon a person or that person’s family unless you were absolutely ready to fight, period.  These 90’s babies have no concept of that.  They get on the Internet and these cowards sit behind a computer all day, in the comfort of their mother or grandmother’s house and talk that shit and honestly there is nothing we can do about it and that is what’s frustrating. The fact that someone you don’t know can disrespect you in that manner and you can’t go pistol whip them. Only thing you can do is Tweet them back and that’s what these little Twitter lames want because THEY HAVE NO LIVES…