Drake Gives Motivational Support To LeBron James Before Big Win


In what was a crucial game for the Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat were able to pull off a 101-93 overtime victory at home to lead the series 3-1. And it was LeBron James who helped lead the team; all thanks to the motivation he received from rapper Drake.

Prior to the game, Drake sent James some words of moral support via BlackBerry Messenger: “Tonight is your night.” Indeed it was. It was due to James’ relentless effort in guarding MVP Derrick Rose, and scoring in the fourth quarter to force an overtime, that got the rest of the team going.

In the end, James ended up with 35 points in practically 50 minutes of playing time. Meanwhile, Drake and Lil Wayne were spotted court-side cheering their friend on.

“It’s something about being out there,” Drake told Yahoo! Sports. “I get out of my seat and kneel on the court as if I’m about to get in the game. We’re playing on a similar wave length.”

Speaking of the friendship, both James and Drake refer to it as a strong familial bond. “That’s my brother,” Drake said of James. “As a person, he’s an incredible guy.”

“What we have is real family,” James said. “It’s not just because we are successful at what we do. We really care about one another on a day-to-day basis. Anytime you get a friend that can come and support you in what you do, I really respect that. He has a busy schedule. I respect that. Anytime I get some free time, I try to support him as well.”

And if there’s still any question which team Drake is cheering for in the NBA Finals this year, it is clearly the Miami Heat. “I want to see him get this ring really badly,” Drake said. Outside of basketball, Drake has shown support to James by contributing to the lead track “Forever” for James’ 2008 documentary movie “More Than a Game.”

Most recently, Drake also played the role of an animated character in James’ new series, “The LeBrons.” —Connie T.