Hip-Hop Is Alive! 5 Things Nas Should Do to Make His 10th Solo Album A Classic


1. Pay homage to Illmatic—without forcing the issue.

Nas made it to double digits! Back when he was recording Illmatic, that was probably unthinkable. Yet, here he is. So he should try and pay his respects to his first album ever on his tenth project. Of course, he shouldn’t force the issue—recreating a classic is damn-near impossible!—but maybe he could start the album off with a few bars from one of Illmatic’s tracks. Or sample one of the track’s productions. Or simply set his tenth album up the same way he set up his first, with just 10 hard-hitting tracks on it. However he chooses to do it, a simple nod to his past could go a long way towards making his tenth album a masterpiece.

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