I FORGE MY OWN: Donny Goines, Presented By Lexus


When speaking about the future, one really doesn’t expect it to talk back, but that’s what happens when you encounter a few of Hip-Hop’s shining stars of tomorrow. Donny Goines, Gilbere Forte and Kid Daytona all possess the skills to take their talent to the top of the world, but to get there they must forge their own lane with creativity, passion and drive. Feel the force of their words, then experience the magic of their music, as these guys are ready for the road to success.

Here, Donny Goines breaks down exactly what helps him forge his own lane.



What makes you forge your own lane?

My personal motto is, “If you don’t know my name, I ain’t working hard enough.” Many people don’t understand that it’s a lot of hard work and diligence in this field because it’s not something that you get instant gratification from. So really what separates me from a lot of people honestly, is my hustle. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t rely on just one thing. I have many different outlets to put out my music, my brand; I just really encompass a lot of the things that I had to learn in this business, such as marketing. Artist factoring aside, ’cause we all rap, so what really separates you from that? I have a great marketing mind, that’s something I had to learn first hand, I actually had to learn that I have a great passion for it. I’m really hands on with my marketing and my campaigns. A lot of times when you see a Donny Goines initiative be it a video or song, or campaign surrounded by something usually 9 times out of 10 that’s my thought process or my ideas and kind of going back to my team fine tuning it. I think my hustle outshines most.

What drives you to greatness?

My drive is making a mark in the sense of, “What do I want out of this?” It might sound crazy to some but money is not my primary goal, neither is fame. I can do with out the fame; I don’t really care for fame. I’m more so focused on making a legacy and what drives that is my knowledge of people before me. Not just rappers, you look at people like Confucius, Socrates, Nasdradamus, more philosophy, where I’m at I just want to translate it to the hood in my own way. I can’t sit with them and speak in some vast languages or whatever. I can relate to them in a language they can understand which is music. For me it’s just growth of the generation behind me.

How do you overcome potholes in your plans?

Well, on the road to success there are many potholes and I have fell in a many. I really feel like its perseverance. You can’t really go into it expecting it’s going to happen overnight. I do a lot of studying and I pay attention to what goes on. I look at the greats when I look at my career; I look at the Jay-Z’s, the 50 Cent’s, the Nas’, whoever the case may be. They all had a lot of setbacks and people that didn’t believe in them initially, so whenever I feel discouraged. or people are not going to receive my music, I just keep going. I’ll put out another project, put out better songs, better videos. My whole thing is setting the bar high and elevating it every time.

What does your team mean to you?

Team is extremely, extremely important. People see Donny Goines in the forefront and they see me ’cause I’m a real sociable kind of person. I talk to the people on Twitter, I’m at events shaking hands and kissing babies as they say. But behind that people don’t see that I have two managers, a personal assistant. I work with Stadium Red very closely; I have all these pieces that really help to fuel my car on the road to success. Without them I would not have the parts nessecessy to get where I’m going. You can’t do it alone. I don’t care what anybody says. Just beyond music, I was in the military before so I understand the idea of teamwork and in order to accomplish missions you have to rely on the people you’re in the field with.

What’s it like taking a song from the studio to the stage?

Performing is one of my most favorite things when it comes to music outside of recording. I’m a studio rat, so I work all day on music, so when I get an opportunity to actually present it to the people, that’s when it’s like, “Ok, I’m really excited.” When I’m in the studio, it’s just me and my comrades and we are just working on music and it’s sometimes what people don’t get to hear. To be honest, I have so much music, people are never going to hear. I have to pick the songs that I feel that are the best to perform ’cause when I go out there and I see the reaction of the people in the crowd, I’m just like, “Yes!” It just gets me hyped! You’ll see me jumping all over the place, all in the crowd, I love the excitement and it’s just energy. I can’t ask for anything better than that. That’s what I love.

SPONSORED BY LEXUS. As seen in the VIBE June/July Issue.