I FORGE MY OWN: Gilbert Forte, Presented By Lexus

When speaking about the future, one really doesn't expect it to talk back, but that's what happens when you encounter a few of Hip-Hop's shining stars of tomorrow. Donny Goines, Gilbere Forte and Kid Daytona all possess the skills to take their talent to the top of the world, but to get there they must forge their own lane with creativity, passion and drive. Feel the force of their words, then experience the magic of their music, as these guys are ready for the road to success.

Here, Gilbert Forte breaks down exactly what helps him forge his own lane.



What makes you forge your own lane?

I think a lot of my influences in life, from where I was born, to where I moved as a kid. I was born in Flint, Michigan and raised in Chicago. I was able to see a lot of different things on the other side of the spectrum, then moving to the east coast, which is a whole different situation than the Midwest. Seeing many lifestyles and lifestyles that I lived…seeing the things that I wanted to attain, the schools that I went to and the goals that I set for myself and how I plan to attain them. I just wanted to be so original that tradition doesn’t exist to me.

What drives you to greatness?

It’s the point of never being satisfied. Not being satisfied with any of your successes is what can definitely drive a person to greatness and continue to drive them much further to an infinity point. I feel like there is always something else that can be done. As a person, I like to influence everyone that’s around me. Me doing that is knowing that I can influence many different people around the world. Knowing that there are millions and millions of people, I know that there is always another person I can inspire. 

To see another person use their artistic ability to a point where they are influenced and motivated by the things that you do, things that you say, it’s an incredible feeling. As a kid I always wanted to meet everybody in the world and I knew that it may be a possibility that I may not be able to do that. So whether it’s through me painting, making music, writing on a blog, I know I’m going to put my craft on a particular outlet to try to reach out to so many different people. To see that someone takes what I say, or an emotion that I give them and turn it into something for themselves, it just keeps me that much more motivated. You aspire to inspire. That to me is the way of life.

How do you plan to overcome the potholes in your plan?

The way that I look at it, there is a lot of messaging, everywhere. There is messaging in a person’s conversation, in music, in film, in everything that exists in life. So when I pull inspiration and I pay attention to prior situations, other people or just things that I see, it allows me to strategize beforehand, before I see those potholes. Before I turn the corner on the street I know there are gonna be potholes, to the left, to the right, but I found a way to get across that street. Being prepared with the proper vehicle, as I’m putting together my plan making sure I’m fully equipped with the proper resources or proper things that will allow me cross that street. When I see these potholes they don’t deter me from anything.

To me the potholes that I’ve experienced have been somewhat of a dip to me. There’s nothing wrong with dipping, there’s nothing wrong with falling down and scraping your leg. It’s a difference in scraping your leg and breaking your leg. I would say these potholes would be a dip to me, only because of how much I’m prepared mentally, spiritually and physically and the foundation that I have knowing that these potholes do exist.

How important is your team to you?

I think it’s very important. I think your team is initially the people who are your family, it’s the people that know you best. Even in your brightest hour, darkest hour someone out of your crew is going to know what you are going through. If you can’t necessarily speak to anyone else there is probably a member in your crew that could help you voice that. Maybe it’s something that they witnessed or experienced…having beautiful spirited people around you that have had may experiences it allows you to always feel that comfortable. It’s never a point when you say, “Aww man, I can’t talk to so and so 'cause they probably never went through this.” I try to keep people around me that have pretty much experienced everything in life, so I can always be prepared for any type of situation. It’s all about preparation, there are so many different opportunities that are gonna come, there are so many unfortunate things that’s gonna happen, so having a lot of people that I consider mentors in my team, is what allows me to keep moving with the focus. 

What’s that feeling like to record a song in the studio and then perform it on stage?

The feeling of taking a song that I created in a room and putting it on a loud speaker and performing it in front of hundreds of people…the idea to me is taking the listeners, the people in the crowd and pulling them from that stadium or room to where I made the record, to the studio where it started. I do that through the performance, through the emotion that I put into the song. I want to allow them to see what was going through my head at the time, how I was pacing around the room writing my lyrics. How I might have been jumping up and down with excitement, just to pull them that much closer to me so they can see what type of person I am. Outside of I just paid $10 to see this guy perform. But how he presented himself to me emotionally, and with the presence he had on stage it made me feel like I was there when he mad this record. Kinda give them that feeling visually, them never ever being in that studio, that’s what’s important to me. Taking that feeling from the studio and allowing them to feel the same way I did when I made it.

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