Jamie Chung’s Reasons Why ‘Hangover 2′ Lives Up To The First

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VIBE caught up Jamie Chung, who plays Stu’s (Ed Helms) fiancé in The Hangover 2. We chatted briefly about why she thinks this movie lives up to the first one, the Korean version of Jersey Shore and her up coming role in a RZA produced kung fu flick. —Starrene Rhett

Stu’s fiancé in the first one was a bitch so is your character different? What’s she like?
She’s completely opposite. I really feel like she’s the one for Stu. She’s calm, she’s understanding, she’s easy to get along with. She really, really cares for Stu and I feel like Stu’s ready. This is the one. He has all these obstacles in the way and he has never really been accepted by Lauren’s father because Lauren’s father is uber wealthy and successful and owns these hotel chains in Thailand and to him, Stu is just a dentist, he’s not a real doctor, so there’s that on going joke about acceptance and then he loses Lauren’s younger brother the day before the wedding and he’s (the brother) is missing a finger and it’s all these crazy obstacles getting in his way. It’s really funny but my character is a sweetheart. Like, Stu went from uber biatch to Lucy Goosey in Vegas and now he’s with the one. I have to say Stu has gotten more action in the movie than any other character [laughs].

What are some other cool points about this one?
You do get to see Bradley Cooper’s wife a bit more. I mean, it really is these three guys and their crazy night in Thailand but people often ask can it really live up to the first one and yes, absolutely. Thailand is completely different from Vegas. It’s a whole other dynamic and they really go above and beyond the comedy and the relationships like, it’s just so good and so funny.

The filming environment must have been interesting because Thailand can be hot and humid, which means that there were probably weird creatures running around on setbesides the monkey [laughs]that may have helped create memorable moments. With that, was there anything wacky that happened on set that you can share?
Zach’s character wore this silk genie outfit and it was hot and he was sweaty, so before every take he would have to have sand on him so the sweat wouldn’t bleed through the silk clothing. But as soon as he walked out in that outfit with the socks and the sandals I could not keep from laughing. It was so hard not to break because whenever he’d do all this improv in these ridiculous outfits it was too funny. And there were a lot of times when I would be cracking up. You always have to stay on your toes when you’re around comedians because they’re so funny and so witty and smart.

This is random but relevant to you because of your reality TV background and the fact that you’re Korean. But did you know that there was a pilot shot for a Korean version of Jersey Shore that takes place in LA’s K-Town and…
Holy cow! I heard about that. I’m kind of blown away. I think it’s more close to home for me, so I don’t know. I think it would be more weird watching that than watching the Jersey Shore, because watching the Jersey Shore it’s such a different world to me, I feel like an anthropologist. I feel like I’m doing a human study on these human beings who live this crazy life but with K-Town, I don’t’ know, it’s pretty interesting, I didn’t know that there was this subculture with K-Town. I’m really interested in seeing it. So it’s really different.

Lastly, what else are you working on?
I have the honor of working with RZA for this project called Man With the Iron Fist,. He is a genius. He produces all of these amazing tracks, weather it’s for Kanye or Black Keys or whatever. He’s everywhere. Like, the way he thinks with music⎯he’s a genius. And if you know him very well, you know that he’s is such a big fan of kung fu. He was a mentor to other kung fu students and really lives by that philosophy and way of life. And he kind of educated me on all of these old school kung fu movies that he’s been a big fan of, so it was kind of a dream come true to make his own kung fu movie that is like a throwback homage to some of the older popular kung fu movies but with a modern twist. So even though it takes place in ancient china it still has a modern twist. It’s Quentin Tarantino presents, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu⎯I mean he really got a fabulous cast together and it was a really cool shoot. We shot that in January and February in Shanghai. And then I also did this great film with Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez. It’s called premium rush and it’s about bike messengers in New York City and it’s an action thriller that comes out next year.