Jermaine Dupri Sued For Shrugging Off Child Support Payments

It was all good just a week ago. Our favorite Napolean recently got knocked in the pock with a lawsuit by his Atlanta baby mama accusing him of being a dead beat dad.

According to her JD’s been keeping their daughter dry of child support checks. E! News says the 38-year-old power producer began stalling payments ever since the court ordered him to drop $2,500 a month along with an additional $7,500 to care for the 7-month-old child after a DNA test confirmed she was his blood. 

However, the mother Sarai Jones claims legal action was something she wanted to sidestep.

“She wants to resolve it without having to go to court and work together with him to raise their child,” her attorney says. “She has nothing negative to say about him.”

Fork it over son.