Kid Fury’s Blog: 20 Questions (On Oprah, Rihanna’s Lip & Jim Jones’ S Curls)


1. Who the hell is Sheneka Adams and why have people been discussing her crotch forest?

2. Am I wrong for refusing to listen to Tyler, The Creator’s album after he ate that big ass roach in the “Yonkers” video?

3. Are your kids watching WorldStarHipHop videos right now?

4. After posting Esther Baxter’s miscarried fetus, can Bossip get any more despicable?

5. Are you aware that the words “lose” and “loose” are completely different? If so, can you please spread the word? 

6. Why won’t you people let Rihanna’s lip be great? 

7. Is Kelly Rowland’s song “Motivation” based on the struggle of erectile dysfunction?

8. Have you thanked The Lord for the absence of Kat Stacks lately?

9. Why do people place the # sign in front of words on Facebook and in text messages? 

10. Who is going to appear on Oprah’s final episode and does anyone else think she’s gonna fly off the set in an exclusive Brookstone spaceship?

11. Who actually visits and is it not a dating site for lesbians?

12. Have you voted for VIBE’s Ultimate Blogger today?

13. Don’t you think Frankie Lons, Nancy Jones and Bobbi Kristina would throw the best parties together?

14. Is Meagan Good ever going to play a different type of role?

15. How great is it that Jim Jones finally cut his hair and joined us in 2011…even if it is an S-curl?

16. Who told Antoine Dodson it was okay to give us a sensual “Skin” dance number?

17. Are you amped for the premiere of Beyonce’s latest video this Friday, or are you sick and tired of her black ass?

18. Who approved Soulja Boy’s film portrayal of anyone Tupac related and why are they still breathing?

19. How much longer do you think Amber Rose will be relevant?

20. Seriously though, when the fuck is this gas price struggle going to end?


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