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Kid Fury's Blog: Bye Bye, Oprah...

Yesterday brought weight to so many hearts and I am unashamed to say that I am still locked in my dreary emotions. Not only did Beyoncé release a new lovey-dovey ballad, but The Oprah Winfrey Show finally came to an end after 25 years! Oh, and Set It Off came on leaving my tear ducts flooded, but a dead Queen Latifah is not the point! 

I don’t know if you looked to Oprah as a parent/auntie/teacher/supreme being, but I damn sure did. She taught me to learn, love, and lease shit I can’t afford. There were even a few times that I escaped whoopings by sliding my report card to my mother during Oprah’s show. If that’s not a living gift from Jesus, I don’t know what the hell is. 

The money and power is great. I would have loved to sit front row for an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode and leave the studio with two hovercrafts and a basket of blackberry sticky buns from Williams-Sonoma. Plus, her eye boogers can probably be exchanged for a lifetime supply of gasoline. 

However, I rather cherish the fear respect factor that trails with Oprah. People value her opinion, her presence, and we all know that Gayle will leave you stankin’ if you try anything slick. All the while, Big O busts her ass for us and helps many people find their ways in times of need. I truly respect the sister for that and more. 

Some people are now wondering who will be the new “Queen of Daytime” with Oprah gone. Some say Ellen will take the spot, or perhaps Wendy Williams...maybe Antoine Dodson will slay them down. Well as far as I’m concerned, nobody will ever touch that crown, because nobody can ever measure up to that greatness. Besides, Stedman’s probably got the crown tucked in a sparkly case back in the guest house.

I love you, Oprah! I shall make OWN a staple in my life and work on becoming as great as you are.

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In October 2019, Prince's memoir will be available for purchase, titled "The Beautiful Ones." According to the Associated Press, the 288-page book will be divided into four sections. Readers will learn about the "When Doves Cry" artist's childhood, journey into music, and an intimate look at how the Minneapolis native established the iconic status of "Purple Rain."

"The Beautiful Ones" will present "a first-person account of a kid absorbing the world around him and then creating a persona, an artistic vision, and a life, before the hits and fame that would come to define him," a brief synopsis of the passage states, per publisher Penguin Random House. Another part of the book will display "candid photos" that'll showcase a timeline of Prince's rise to stardom.

The Prince Estate is thrilled to announce that on October 29, 2019, @RandomHouse will be publishing THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Prince, the American artistic visionary—singer, songwriter, musician, producer, actor and filmmaker. Available for preorder now. https://t.co/gEqMEdYoEa pic.twitter.com/RJtK9fowH8

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During his 'Sunday Service' show at Coachella on Easter Sunday (April 21), Kanye West delighted fans with church-tinged renditions of some of his hits and hits from gospel sensations and black artists.

While it appears that much of the service was a success, gospel icons The Clark Sisters took to Instagram to imply that West didn't ask to use their song during the performance. Kanye used snippets of their song "Ha Ya."

"Thanks for the love man we appreciate it. Taking the gospel to the world," the legendary musicians wrote in a caption of a video, which featured Kanye using the sample. "We own the rights to this music," they continued.

Reports state that if he had been cleared to use the song during the service, he would have had to go through The Clark Sisters' publishers for licensing purposes.

Looks like the sisters will likely be getting a check soon.


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Thanks for the love man we appreciate it. Taking the gospel to the world. ❤️❤️❤️@twinkieclark We own the rights to this music @thelegendaryclarksisters @kanyesundayservices #Sunshine #theclarksisters

A post shared by The Legendary Clark Sisters (@thelegendaryclarksisters) on Apr 21, 2019 at 8:49pm PDT

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This is a developing story.

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