Lil Wayne Talks About Working With Director Colin Tilley


Weezy may have just about everything money can but but the superstar rapper still holds a jealous bone or two in his body. After watching the final version of a video that he appeared in but didn’t own the rights to, Wayne knew who he had to hire to direct his next visual.

Tapping Chris Brown’s go-to-video director Colin Tilley to shoot his new single “John,” Young Money’s head honcho got exactly what he wanted.

“When I shot the ‘Look at Me Now’ video, I was envious, I was mad that I was on a video that was that damn good and it wasn’t mine.”  

“When I looked around and noticed that I was standing on top of an ambulance and they had somebody doing doughnuts on a motor bike. They had another dude on a skateboard doin’ tricks, they had people around a bonfire, they had people dancin’, everybody was dressed cool. Busta and Chris up here, Chris doin’ moves with his body that I didn’t even know that your body could do,” Wayne recalled. “I looked around when he said, ‘Action.’ All that went on during action. All that I just named; all that went on during one single action.”

“I had the ‘John’ song. I just put ‘John’ out there, of course, it’s just a club banger. It’s something to see, it’s just something raw. I know that it’s not gonna get too much [airplay] because of the lyrical content — it’s not gonna get too much. It was just something to put out there, people are waiting for something so I just put it out there.”