Lost & Found: Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt Speaks Out From Seclusion

The mysterious rapper of OFWGKTA finally spoke to the media after suddenly disappearing shortly after the release of his horrific, yet awesome music video, “Earl” last year.

Last month, Complex found the 17-year-old rapper, whose real name is Thebe Kgositsile, at a therapeutic camp for troubled youth in Samoa. The rapper was supposedly sent away due to disrespectful and rude behavior. However, The New Yorker caught up with the young rapper for an actual interview

When asked if his current confinement was involuntary, Earl replied. “No, no no no no no no no no no no.” He went on to explain how felt about the whole “Free Earl” movement:

“Initially I was really pleased that all these people claimed that they wanted me released because I thought that translated into ‘they care,'” Earl wrote. “So time progresses and the fan base gets bigger and the ‘Free Earl’ chants get louder but now with the ‘Free Earl’ chants come a barely indirect ‘Fuck Earl’s Mom’ and in the blink of an eye my worry changes from ‘will there still be this hype when I get back’ to ‘Oh shit I just inspired a widespread movement of people who are dedicated to the downfall of my mom.” Earl added, “The only thing I need as of right now is space. I’ve still got work to do and don’t need the additional stress of fearing for my family’s physical well-being. Space means no more ‘Free Earl.’”

As far as his return to music, Earl says he doesn’t have “any definite date.” “Even if I did I don’t know if I’d tell you. You’ll hear from me without a doubt when I’m ready.”

Although it’s not the full interview, read snippets of the interview here, which includes comments from Earl’s parents. As far as the “Free Earl” and “Fuck Earl’s Mom” movement goes, perhaps Earl needs to start with his camp, who are clearly the ringleaders of it all. —Shabazz

Watch “Earl” below: