Mashonda Won’t Return To ‘Love & Hip-Hop,’ Didn’t Like Negativity

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In a new interview with Hip-Hop Weekly, Mashonda said she agreed to do the show because she imagined it would be a platform of empowerment for women and that she really just wanted to support Emily B and women in similar situations. 

“I really honestly did do the show to help Emily and help women across the United States, to let them know that you’re not the only one that can go through something like this {divorce and heartbreak}.” 

However, when she saw the show it wasn’t what she thought and so she won’t be back for season two.

“I just don’t feel like at this point in my life, Love and Hip Hop represents who I am, it’s just a chapter that is over.  When I shot the show, I thought that it was going to be like more of a sisterhood, but when I saw a lot of the drama and the beef, I was a little surprised, I was like wow, okay, I didn’t know this was going to be apart of what this is.”


Is she right? What did you think of Love & Hip-Hop?

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