May 21st Doomsday: An End Of The World Throwback Dedication [Video]

There’s always some person claiming to know when the end of the world will occur. This time around, it’a an 89 year old minister who has spearheaded a May 21st doomsday campaign that seriously has some people shook (blank stare).

Believers of this biblical prediction have quit their jobs to prepare for the world’s end. Skeptics say it’s just another bogus prophecy. We say, this is all very amusing but at least we get some throwback hip-hop out of the situation. Remember this one:

Feel free to answer the question, but in this case you have more time because if the “prophecy” is true it isn’t 24 hours, it’s 48.

P.S. The people who quit their jobs are going to be salty come Sunday.

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