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Maybach Music Week: Meek Mill Talks Meeting Ross Through Twitter, Bonding With T.I., And Wanting To Be 'Top 5' [Pg.2]

Was that the first time you linked up with Rozay?

Yeah. That’s how we built a relationship. He would headline a show and I would go on right before him and Ross would be on the side and see me rockin’ it. The last show he saw me at was at Powerhouse and I rocked it, like 20,000 people, Ross was going on right after me, and said he would hit me up and get at me. Next thing you know, flew out to Miami, MMG.

How fast did you get signed after meeting him?

I met him and he did the song and I didn’t see him for a minute then I saw him at the Powerhouse. After that it was like a month or two.

Since then have you gotten to know him on personal level?

Yeah, I’ve been over his house. I sleep in his house a lot of the time. We’ve been on tour together on the same tour bus, going city to city, we be around each other a lot, so you got to get a chance to know people on a personal level.

Do you feel like this Maybach Music is your new family?

It’s definitely a family.

Who do think you’re the closest with in the whole crew?

I’ve known Wale before Maybach Music. So we always been cool and closer than everybody else. He invited me to a party in D.C. and we did a freestyle that ended up on WorldStar. Me, him, and Ross were all in the studio for a couple of weeks so we got close. Me and Masspike Miles kick it a lot too.

If there was any rapper you could bring onto Maybach right now who would it be?

My pick would be Jadakiss.

Do you feel like you guys make each other better?

Exactly, dealing with around guys like Wale, Pill, and Rick Ross you ain’t gone play around let them gameplan around you.

Tell us about the “Tupac Back” record, whose idea was it?

Ross had the hook, he told me heard the beat and it reminded him of “Hail Mary” type, a Tupac type of vibe. When we got in the studio he was playing it, I was like 'let me get that, I can write to that.' I’m not trying to say I’m Tupac or nothing like, it’s just me representing for one of the cats that inspired me. I got the beat, dropped the joint and the streets loved it.

Were you nervous at all about how people might perceive the song?

I really don’t give a f**k for real. I get nervous when I go to court facing time. I don’t get nervous over some rap stuff.  You gone like it or not.

You started a trend after yours dropped, Maino dropped “Biggie’s Back,” Ron Browz dropped “Big L’s Back.” What did you think when you heard all these joints?

It let me know the record was doing well. People was taking to. I’m not gone remix a record I don’t got no love for. I thought a couple people from my city were gone done it. I din’t think people from all over were going to do it though. The Outlawz hit me up “like yeah man you need to get us on that remix” and I think that was a good idea. I’m trying to get in touch with people to get on the remix.

So what’s coming next after Self Made

I got a mixtape coming out. If [the buzz from] Self Made lasts long then my mixtape won’t come out for a long time, but if slows down I’ll come immediately with the mixtape. I got a whole library of music lined up.

Ideally where does Meek Mill see himself five years from now?

Top 5, dead or alive.

Going for the crown already?

Yeah, that’s how you gotta do it.

Any possibility that we see Meek Mill branching out and doing other things in the entertainment industry?

I did a movie with a couple people from The Wire in it. Spencer from Half and Half. A couple TV stars , a couple Philly artists starred in the movie. A lot of people watched it, like Will Smith saw it and liked my acting and everything.

Anything else you want to get out there?

Self Made, May 23. Make sure you get that Dream Chasers mixtape on the way.

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