Nas Calls Fox News ‘Ignorant Grandparents” For Attacking Michelle Obama & Common


In defense of fellow MC Common, Queensbridge savior Nas opened up to Sway on his thoughts regarding Fox News’ recent attack on Michelle Obama and Common. Just last week, the first lady reached out to the rapper for a poetry jam she put together at the White House. Despite coming under attack by the News outlet, Common still performed at the event and recited a spoken word poem. Here’s what Nas had to say regarding the matter: “The people who feel like Common shouldn’t be performing are really old in their thinking,” Nas said. “It’s like your grandparents have a microphone, and not even smart grandparents — just ignorant grandparents.” “Things change. So, a smart grandparent is gonna say, ‘OK, I get it.’ Ignorant grandparents who are just stuck in their own ways, they just need to die,” Nas said. “There’s a new America: There’s a real good America that’s here, and they don’t want it to happen because it means that they are gone. “It scares the hell out of them. They feel like an endangered species in their way of thinking,” he continued. “People that are not open to change are just miserable.”