Nas Confirms He’s Working On A New Solo Album, Gives Props To Odd Future & Frank Ocean

Through all the drama that has occurred over the past three years, Nas is finally returning to the writing board and preps for his tenth studio album. Nas tells that he was in a different state of mind with his previous album, Untitled.

“I can look back at my last record, and I know that some songs didn’t belong there. I really over thought it. There was a lot going on,” stated Nas.

It also appears that the grind from rap heavy hitters have inspired him to return to the studio. “I love Odd Future, Wayne, Drake, ‘Ye [and] Rick Ross. It’s something that threatens my position or it makes me question what I’m going to do next. What kind of impact do I want have now that I’ve been in the business this long,” he told Billboard.

“It’s a challenge, it’s scary even, but I’m very comfortable. I’m excited to see what comes out of me… I’m ready.”

While it’s too early to drop featured names on the project, he does mention that he will be collaborating with Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean on both artists’ upcoming projects.

My new album that I’m working on is free flowing,” says Nas . “At this point there’s not one concept that sums up the whole record, I’m just flowing.” —-Shabazz


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