New Music: Rochelle Jordan “How To Feel”

While we’re already familiar with Drake and maybe the eclectic, mysterious crooner The Weeknd is on our radar, welcome another Canadian act. This time the artist puts on for Toronto with a massive curly fro and a pair of heels, bringing people back to times of pure R&B. 

Rochelle makes her debut on VIBE with her ambient track, “How To Feel,” where she sings so effortlessly over syncopated drum percussion, supported with airy synths, courtesy of her in-house producer Klash.

Though the track is pretty simple when it comes to vocal range and tempo, her groove almost brings me tones of a female version of Drake. Though, the two Canadians may not share the same lyrical content, “How To Feel” reminds me of Drake’s So Far Gone sultry classic, “Houstaltantavegas.” The two tracks share the same atmospheric production, along with soft vocals. On the other hand, we can pull a “Aaliyah Back” with Rochelle. Her gentle vocals take us back to the 90s’ when the late singer would bless Timbaland’s avant-garde beats, but only, this sounds like the late singer over a Neptune’s creation.

She does brings something new to the boards. While Rochelle’s currently unsigned, rumors are already swirling around a bidding war for her talents. Look out for more from Rochelle, including her upcoming collaboration with Klash titled In Search Of… Radio, which will take inspiration from N.E.R.D. and Radiohead projects. The EP is set to drop in July. —Shabazz

New Music: Rochelle Jordan “How To Feel”

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