Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Her Feelings For Britney Spears


Nicki Minaj has taken her hip hop persona to pop star status. And it’s only getting better as she embarks on tour with the pop queen herself Britney Spears on her highly anticipated Femme Fatale Tour.

Minaj revealed to AOL BoomBox that she is more than excited about sharing the stage with the Till The World Ends singer. And no, her crazy wigs and out-of-this-planet wardrobe is not most important thing on her mind. She said in a quote “I have no idea what I’m wearing. To be honest I’ve been rushing all around the world. I don’t know I’ll just pick something up, and probably it won’t match, but it’ll work.”

It’s fitting that the two have crossed paths musically, as Nicki has stated her love for the pop star when she was going through some things. “It’s so funny because I had spoken about her in an interview awhile back; I was just like ‘I should just leave her alone’ and now she’s back and it’s Britney bitch!” Minaj stated.

So what is Nicki hoping to learn from Britney in the upcoming shows? As she tells it, “I wanna see what she’s done to really stand the test of time this long, how she’s interacting with the people and the dancers, the lighting and the props. I just want to get into the whole thing. I’ve always loved her.”

You can check out the female empowered duo when The Femme Fatale tour kicks off June 17 in Sacramento, California. — Keenan Higgins