Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator Releases His XL Records Debut ‘Goblin’

Odd Future’s story continues to be written into hip-hop history. Over the last year, the group of California teenagers, in lust with rap, skateboarding and doing whatever the f*ck they want have established themselves as the most dangerous group in music.

Today, the crew’s most recognized face is celebrating the release of his first official studio release. Though, Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future have released dozens of mixtapes and albums for free online, Goblin marks a milestone for the clique. UK label, XL Records is pushing the project in retailers across the map. Swag.

(Purchase Goblin on Itunes)

New Music: Tyler, The Creator Feat. Frank Ocean “She” 


via Odd Future’s Tumblr

Today. Today. Today is One OF The Greatest Days. GOBLIN Comes Out, In Stores, Worldwide, Everywhere. This Is A Big Day For Odd Future, Because, We Were Once The Outcast That No One Fucked With. It Was A Point Where no One Would Post Our Music Up Because We Didn’t Fit In The Regular Genres. It Was A Point Where We Couldn’t Perform Because Tylers Ski Mask Was To Weird Or Hodgy Was Too hype. It Was A Point In Time Where No One Fuck With Us Because We So Young. It Was A Point Where Our music Was So……..That They Wouldnt Fuck With Us. Now Look, Its Safe To Say That At This Moment In Time, WE ARE THOSE NIGGAS. We Didnt Change For Anyone, Still Doing What The Fuck We Want To Do. GOBLIN Is In Stores Today, All Produced By Tyler, All The Artwork And Design By Tyler, All The Photos Taken By The GOLFWANG And Julian Berman And Brick….All Friends And OF Members. We Kept This Shit In House Because We Didn’t Need None of You Niggas. And We Still Don’t. We Started This On Our Own As Kids Who Just Liked Music And Skating And Doing Bad Shit, Just Like You. Go Buy That Fucking Album, Not Because You Just Like THe Music, But Because This IS A Moment in Time, This Is Like A Holiday. This Is A Moment Tyler Has Been Waiting For All His Life, To Go Into Best Buy And see His Album Near His Favorites. its A Feeling That You Can’t Buy, Its Hard Work And A Fuck Everyone Attitude That Got Him There. He Believed That Some Great Shit Would Happen To Him No matter What People Said, Stayed True To Himself And His Gang And Made Sure Good SHit Happened. Now Look. Free Earl. ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL DONT GIVE A FUCK LITTLER LIFE BACON BOYS LOITER SQUAD GOLF FUCKING WANG BITCH!!!!!