Office Poll: What Does VIBE Think Of Beyonce’s New Video?

Beyoncé dropped the visual to her Diplo-produced banger “Run The World (Girls)” last night to a mixed review. The stans are undoubtedly in love with the militant, mass-dancing scenes of the glammed-up goddess, while others harshly and subjectively critiqued the presentation of the evolved Queen. Nonetheless, in VIBE fashion, we’re vocalizing our thoughts on the latest in pop culture. Watch the vid below, and peep what a few of our office dwellers had to say:



→ “I liked it! The animals, the choreography, the fashion, the blonde hair and the BEYONCÉ!”

→ “Yes, the dance moves are super innovative. She looks gorgeous. I’m not in love with the song, but her vids are always visually stunning! Her look, her moves… and it was a little bit Gaga-influenced!”

→ “I’m sorry for initially hating it. Three’s a charm. That bitch is a winner per usual!”

→ “Yes, I’m in love. I like it because it has thug appeal.”

→ “It was cool. It was unexpected and very war-like.”

→ “Yes. I love it! Started out slow, but it got better.”

→ “The more you watch it the better it gets. I’m glad she went for the dancing whole-heartedly, and, like always, she’s never less than gorgeous at any given point in that vid.”


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