One Q, One A: Omarion Says He’d Ether Chris Brown In A Dance Battle


VIBE: You were killin the dance scene during pre-Breezy days, but you have to admit Chris’ two-step game has kicked up 100 notches. Think you’d be able to take serve him on the dance floor?

OMARION: It would definitely be exciting to see. I think that me and him have two different styles. If I could personally say, I think I would win, but with the masses it would become preference. But technically wise, I’m better than him for sure. I can go rounds and in a battle that’s what’s important. You don’t want the same moves. I can go house, six-step, three-step, I can pop, I can boogaloo, I can jazz, I can do it all. I think it would be entertaining. But I think it wouldn’t last long.

We’ve definitely thrown some symbols at each other before [laughs]. Everybody’s watching us on the dance floor for sure [at an after party]. But it’s about doing a battle the right way. It would be cool to put footage on YouTube, but really I don’t want to do it like that. I want it to be special. Because really when you think about Prince and Michael it would’ve been dope to see them on the same stage. we both young and we doing it, hopefully the right opportunity comes. Because we’re both not gon hold back. 

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