Pardon The Introduction: Flint, Michigan’s Jon Connor Makes Music For The Soul [Pg.2]


same thing my pops used to say. But back then I couldn’t even imagine not doing music. That’s just like not breathing. In the hypothetical world, I’d probably be writing movies or sitcoms and all that type of stuff. I’d be a writer at SNL or something like that. I’d still be doing something involving entertainment.

So you wouldn’t want to become an actor or anything like that?

[Laughs] Aw man. Um, with time. I respect what actors do to the fullest, [as far as] going in and becoming an entirely other person. I respect what they do. But I need to work on my acting talent. [Laughs] I wouldn’t even want to disrespect their craft like that. I’d be terrible right now; I’m not going to even front.

Well you have time to work on that in case anything happens… Hypothetically of course.  [Laughs]

[Laughs] Right. Hypothetically. Hypothetically I’m going to work on that, so one day, I’m going to go ahead and get in there and do my thing.

As of now, is there a concrete date for ‘Vinnie Chase: Season Two’?

We’re shooting for September. I got this joint ‘Salvation’ with my dog Reef (Rob Tewlow). Oh man, dude is ridiculous, beats are crazy ridiculous. He performed joints for Dilated Peoples, 50 Cent, and Trick Daddy. He’s done a lot in the game. He’s got a track record and all that. The joint we just got done with is ‘Salvation’ and it’s super stupid. That joint is like me getting to make one of them straight Hip Hop albums that influenced me to start rhyming. Growing up, I was listening to Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ and ‘Stillmatic’; Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and ‘Blueprint’; Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP’. Just straight Hip Hop albums, and I think this was my chance to get to do that. So ‘Salvation’ will be coming out early next month and then ‘Vinnie Chase 2’, we’re shooting for September, which will be super stupid. And quote me on this, ‘Vinnie Chase 2’ is going to be a movie. I’m sitting in my director seat on this one. Y’all going to laugh, y’all going to cry… [Laughs] It’s going to be crazy. It’s the sequel of all sequels. ‘Vinnie Chase 2’ will be out in September.

So what other collaborations do you have up your sleeve at this point?

Ohhh! Oh man. I got some surprises on ‘Vinnie Chase 2’. We have a joint with GLC, Chi-town. Much respect to GLC for coming through and blessing a couple of joints on ‘Vinnie Chase 2’. Who else… Man it’s so crazy because I don’t know which one I want to let out of the bag yet. Right now, I’ll just leave it at that because we’ve got some more and I don’t want to let all the cats out of the bag. I’ll just say that it’s my sequel. So it’s like when you go watch a movie; you’ll watch the teasers and trailers or something that will just let you down or upset your expectations or whatever. I don’t want to put too much out there, but it is a bunch of surprises. A bunch of people in the game that [have] been showing love; it’s crazy. But I’ve definitely working with a lot of people. Y’all just keep your eyes peeled on that.

As of now, is the project done or will you continue working on it throughout the remainder of the months?

That’s the thing; I’m a perfectionist. I just get so wrapped up in the work and I want everything to be so perfect. I’m such a perfectionist that I’ll probably be working on ‘Vinnie Chase 2’ until about August. The majority of it is done right now. Now I’m just going in, adding this, taking this out, seeing what’s too much, what I didn’t do enough on, how can I heighten the emotions of certain records, do we need this, do we need that, is this hook cool, is this hook wack. So I’m just going through it over and over and over before I give y’all the final cut. I never want to give y’all anything that’s not quality, and that’s something I want to stand by. The name of my company is All Varsity Music, which means everything that we do will be top notch and it’s going to be varsity. I never want to put anything half-assed out. I’ll wrack my brain a million times until I give y’all something quality.

Now I know you’ve got ‘Salvation’ and ‘Vinnie Chase: Season Two’ set to drop this year. What else do you have in store for the future?

I got a lot of stuff I plan on doing. I’m also working now on this mixtape series called the Rap Dynasty series, where I pay homage to the rap crews that came before me, [such as] No Limit, Roc-A-Fella, Cash Money, Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders. I’m going to do a whole mixtape of just Roc-A-Fella beats, a mixtape of just No Limit beats, etc. I’m looking forward to doing that, so I can give back. That’s my way of giving back to the culture that inspired me. As a child, I listened to all of these crews and I was inspired. This is my way of saying “I salute y’all”. Like we said, ‘Salvation’ and ‘Vinnie Chase 2’ coming soon. Just working 24/7. I’m also going to do a couple more mixtapes. Me and my peoples just want to keep flooding the Internet and the streets until people notice and understand that we’re going to be here for a long, long, long time. So just get used to it. That’s what we’re working on; just stay working all the time.

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