Reality TV Recap: And The Celebrity Apprentice Fired Was…

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Last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice was pretty good and it got even better as the show progressed, right until Obama pre-empted the last 15 minutes to announce the Osama Bin Laden news.

Nene Leakes gave Star Jones a verbal tongue lashing in front of the whole cast, including this week’s client, and freaked everyone out else out (even her good friend, Marlee Matlin). Nene said she let Star have it for the underhanded way she set LaToya Jackson up in the boardroom. Nene had some valid points in her diatribe, but the fact that she can’t control her emotions made her look like a psycho.


Last night’s challenge was to promote Farouk Systems hair care products, emphasizing their safety (sans certain harmful chemicals) and that they are made in America. Lil Jon was project leader for the men, who brought in eliminated contestant Niki Taylor to help them out by being a hair model and inviting some of her top model friends to help as well.

Nene was Project Manager for A.S.A.P., but she wasn’t very good at it and ultimately the women put together a lackluster, directionless show (which was odd considering that Nene is from the hair show capital of the world) and lost the challenge.

The last thing viewers saw before the President’s announcement was that Hope Dworaczyk and Star Jones were going into the boardroom with Nene.  The argument for getting rid of Dworaczyk was that she was weak, a follower and Star Jones’ puppet. It swayed Trump’s decision enough and she was fired. Watch:

You didn’t think Trump was going to get rid of Star and/or Nene just yet, did you? That’s way too much entertainment.

By the way, LaTaoya Jackson has returned. She will be working with the men’s team moving forward.