Should White Actors Play People Of Color in Films?

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Angelina Jolie is going to play Cleopatra in Hollywood’s next recycled again biopic and recently told The Telegraph that in doing her research she discovered that the famous Queen was not a sex symbol, she was misunderstood.

“I thought it was all about the glamour, but then I read about her and she was a very strong mother, she spoke five languages and she was a leader,” Jolie told the UK based paper.

Jolie then adds that her version of Cleopatra will be more brains than beauty, even if it means the character isn’t as alluring as Taylor’s portrayal.

“My performance will never be as lovely as Elizabeth’s,” Jolie said. ‘We are trying to get into a different truth about her as a pharaoh in history and not as a sex symbol, because she really wasn’t. Even this idea of her having many lovers – it was possible that it was only two. She is very interesting, but she wasn’t a great beauty,” Jolie explained in a statement found on Bossip.

Jolie’s approach is interesting but people are still frustrated that she was even chosen because once again, Hollywood got away with casting a White person to play someone of color so we pose this question: Should white actors be allowed to play people of color? Who would you have chosen to play Cleopatra instead?