The Situation’s Dad Says: “F*ck The Little F*ck”

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They say “More money, more problems.” Well, it looks like The Situation didn’t bless his father properly and now the Jersey Shore star is being aired out. In a dramatic series of web videos (two so far), Papa Sorrentino says that The Situation (Michael Sorrentino) is selfish and that he forgot where he came from because he had the nerve to tell him to go on welfare when he asked for some cash.

In this video, Papa Sorrentino explains how The Situation willingly got a blowjob on the job and then filed sexual harassment.

Um…OK. This is a little strange. There’s nothing here that can really destroy The Situation’s character because it’s common knowledge that he’s a douche but we do wonder what pissed Papa off this. Was it really just about money?

Meanwhile, The Sitch is chillin’ somewhere in Italy, taping season four.