Spike Lee Continues To Question George W. Bush For Katrina Disaster


Speaking from his heart, filmmaker Spike Lee received a Peabody Award this past Monday for his post-Katrina documentary “If God Is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise.” Speaking To The Huffington Post, Lee pointed out that despite all his work and research, his simple questions have yet to be answered.

“Under the direction, of the chief of command, President George Bush, W., it took the United States government five days to come to rescue of its American citizens,” Lee told The Huffington Post at the Peabody Awards ceremony. “Five days. And I know he’s written a book and whatnot, but no one’s ever explained, to this day, why it took five days. In fact, we talk about, in the first one, there was a typhoon in Sri Lanka, and we were there in 2 1/2 days, we were there, and that’s half way around the world, and yet it took five days for the United States to show up in New Orleans, and to this date, it’s never been explained why.”

The filmmaker also sounded a warning for the rest of the country: it could happen to you, too.

“Here’s the thing we have to realize. The levees are all throughout the United States of America, it’s not just New Orleans, it’s not just Louisiana,” Lee said. “And from what I’ve been told from experts, the levee system of the United States of America is in shambles, and unless they get the Army Corps of Engineers together, people are going to be at risk. If you live in any coastal area in the United States America, you’re going to be at risk.”