T-Pain Is Loving Ke$ha’s Messy Head…


Word to that loving palm on ol girl’s blonde mop. Some weekend’s back this semi-odd couple sparked a friendship when they bumped into each other in Vegas.

According to Pain who affectionaly dubbed his new parter-in-crime K-Pain (ed note: soooo T-Wayne?) and tweeted: “Last night I found out I’m in love with @Keshasuxx. I’m not saying @Keshasuxx and I had sex or anything I’m just saying I love that ‘f*ck everybody else’ attitude. She dresses how she wants she performs the way she wants, she does HER.”

And the love is completely reciprocated from Ke$ha’s glitter end: “Um. F*king love u @TPain. U get Me.”

We’re all for swirly unions, but Pain better not step over Weezy and persuade Miss K to join him on a “He Raps, She Sings” collabo. How are ya’ll feeling about this duo?

Props → Necole Bitchie 

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