#TeamDarkSkin! ‘Dark Girls’ Documentary Captures Complexion Complexes Among Black Women


Cracking this complexion case is complicated. Should women blame society or point the finger at each other as to why dark women are said to be less beautiful than lighter skinned women? Or can men take a piece of this blame for the way the oogle at the fairer side of the spectrum?

Regardless of who’s to blame, the struggle is real.

Duke Media and Urban Winter Media attempt to give a few dark-skinned women a voice to share their struggles with their complexion in Dark Girls, a documentary. From watching the trailer, it’s clear that some dark women never outgrow the insecurities of being dark-skinned. I embrace every bit of my chocolate complexion, so it’s hard to watch these women tell their stories. However, it’s a necessary message.

Often times, we view these music videos and films, that undeniably praise light-skinned women over dark-skinned women, without realizing how it molds and shapes young girls’ mindsets on the definition of beauty and even intelligence. As women, we have to begin to set our own standards. However, I digress.

Watch the video and start the conversation:

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