Thug Motivation: 5 Things Young Jeezy Should Do For A ‘TM103′ Release Date

1. Learn a thing or two from what Ace Hood’s been doing lately.

Hold up: DID WE REALLY JUST SAY THAT!? Yeah, we did. And here’s why. You can say whatever you want to about Hood (this is the same dude who had a super-slanderous #uknowuacehoodwhen hashtag campaign launched against him a couple years ago) but he has knocked it out of the park lately when it comes to creating anthems for the streets. Basically, he’s doing what Jeezy used to do. People respond to the struggle, Jeezy. And so far, none of your recent singles—including “Ballin”—cater to the struggle like tracks off TM101, TM102, and The Recession did. If you want to connect to the people again, go back to doing that.