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Tocarra x Jordan Bushell Discuss Hennessy Remixed, Provide New Recipes

Let's face it, Hennessy is more known amongst the ladies as the drink that will put hair on your chest. It's commonly tossed back on the rocks, blended with Hypnotiq (do people still drink that?) for an Incredible Hulk, or for blended with coke. However, there are new more chic variations of Hennessy based drinks that even the most sophisticated party people will enjoy without feeling like they should swig it from the bottle stuffed inside a paper bag. This is why the brand enlisted the help of Tocarra and master mixologist Jordan Bushell to help remix the brand for the social butterfly who likes to entertain-- just in time for Memorial Weekend, the official kick off of cookout season.

"What we’re doing is touring the country and we’re just showing our Hennessy family and friends--the people that love Hennessy that Hennessy is mixable. We can take the VS and pair it with four different flavors for Hennessy apple, berry, ginger and citrus," Tocarra tells VIBE. " And even I like it, which means I can introduce it to ladies."


"We came up with these four flavors is because we really feel they show off different aspects of Hennessy and if you maybe don’t know about Hennessy we can show off newness but if you already drink Henness then you’re already gonna know what you like about it and whatever you like is already gonna be duplicated within these flavors," Jordan Bushell tells VIBE. "So they’re not trying to hide Hennssy, they’re trying to amplify and pair well the flavors that are already in there it’s gonna bring you a different feel."

Check out the easy recipes provided by Hennesey:


1 1/2 oz Hennessy 3 1/2 oz

Apple Juice (cloudy)

Pour Hennessy into highball, add cubed ice (fill the glass), top with good quality cloudy apple juice. Garnish with freshly sliced apple. This drink pairs well with meat dishes that involve turkey, beef and pork.


1 1/2 oz Hennessy

3 1/2 oz Cola

1/2 oz Lime juice

Pour Hennessy into highball, add lime juice and cubed ice (fill the glass), 1/2 fill glass with cola, stir gently, add more cola and garnish with a Lime wedge.


1 1/2 oz Hennessy

3 1/2 oz Cranberry juice

Pour Hennessy into highball, add cubed ice (fill the glass), top with Cranberry juice. Garnish with a Lime wedge. You can also add apple juice for a twist.


1 1/2 oz Hennessy

3 1/2 oz Ginger ale

Pour Hennessy into highball, add cubed ice (fill the glass), top with Ginger ale. Garnish with a Lime wedge

If you have a good idea of what types of flavors might pair well with Hennessy VS then feel free to get your mix master on and tweet us the results @VIBEMagazine. Be safe and have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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HBCUs Got To Watch Beyonce's 'Homecoming' At Exclusive Screenings

Thanks to Beyonce and the good people at Netflix, HBCUs were able to watch the artist’s highly-anticipated release of her documentary, Homecoming, at advanced, on-campus screenings.

“Homecoming is nothing but fun, laughs, and amazingness,” one fan in attendance said in a video of the various screenings. They took place at Howard University, Morehouse College, Spelman College and Texas Southern University.

"More than anything it uplifted HBCUs and it empowered HBCUs,” another fan continued in the brief clip.

During the documentary, which was released on Wednesday (April 17), Beyonce discusses her appreciation of HBCUs, stating in the doc, “there is something incredibly important about the HBCU experience that must be celebrated and protected.”

See some reactions from students at these HBCUs below.

"More than anything it uplifted HBCUs and it empowered HBCUs."

Last night, #BeyoncéHomecoming took over @SpelmanCollege, @Morehouse, @TexasSouthern, and @HowardU. pic.twitter.com/CnzsIMAqHh — Strong Black Lead (@strongblacklead) April 17, 2019

The line is lit as we anticipate the doors opening for our exclusive, early campus @Netflix screening of #Homecoming, a film by Beyoncé. pic.twitter.com/WUTBykukD8

— Howard University (@HowardU) April 17, 2019

Beyonce showing love to other hbcu’s besides spelman, Howard & morehouse is why she’s the goat

— ManiLou💛 (@y0urfav3emani) April 17, 2019

Beyoncé wore, and more importantly OWNS Morehouse gear. that’s it, that’s the tweet.

— capricorn hoodrat (@notoriouslang) April 17, 2019

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Go Girl: Wendy Williams Is Getting Hit Up About Dates Post-Divorce

Wendy Williams hasn’t outright discussed the recent news regarding her impending divorce from her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter. She did, however, discuss that the date inquiries have been coming in strong.

During the “Hot Topics” segment of her self-titled talk show on Wednesday (April 17), Ms. Williams said that she was getting distracted while reading because her phone was buzzing off the hook with inquiries regarding interested, potential dates.

“I was minding my own business… All of a sudden, my cell phone rings and it's DJ Boof asking me out for dinner," she says to her audience. DJ Boof is her in-house DJ, and the camera cuts to him smiling.

"Then, I get back to reading my book and my phone rings again. No, it wasn't Boof. It was Charlamagne [Tha God]!” she revealed. “Charlamagne wanted to take me for dinner. So he says the night, and he says the time and I said 'I can't go because I'm going out with Boof for dinner. So Charlamagne says, ‘well, I know Boof, why don’t we both take you out?’”

Williams’ estranged husband discussed his transgressions in a statement to PEOPLE, saying “I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.”

It appears that Wendy will be moving on just fine. Check out the clip below.


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Meanwhile on @wendyshow...

A post shared by The Breakfast Club (@breakfastclubam) on Apr 17, 2019 at 9:40am PDT

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Joey Bada$$ Wishes Nipsey Hussle Was Celebrated More When He Was Alive

Joey Bada$$ visited Ebro’s Beats 1 radio show, where he discussed the recent passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle. The outpouring of support for the 33-year-old’s musical and charitable legacies has been amazing to witness. However, Joey states that he wishes people celebrated the Victory Lap musician as hard as they are now, but while he was able to see his impact.

"Nobody thought we would lose Nipsey Hussle,” he told Ebro during Tuesday’s show (April 16). “He was one of those people that we thought we would have forever. As soon as we lose a person like that, everybody want to jump on the bandwagon. He should have been able to see the fruits of his labor... We gotta show love, we gotta spread love.”

The All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ MC said that people need to practice showing appreciation for the people in their life and who they come across, so that they are able to see their impact while they are here.

“It’s extremely important that you show appreciation for your favorite artists, your favorite people, your favorite friends, your favorite family members, whatever,” he continued. “It’s just extremely important you never waste those moments, you always appreciate them. Like you said, any moment it can go like that.”

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