Today In Blank Stare News: Doomsday Guy Says He’s Speechless About Miscalculation

Is this seriously your leader? Anyway, 89-year-old “prophet” Harold Camping, convinced a lot of people that the world was going to end on May 21, 2011, but that date is history and we’re all still alive (hope you didn’t quit your day job). But for those who believed this man’s madness the new question is, what happened? Guess what? Camping has no answer.

“It has been a really tough weekend. I’m looking for answers…But now I have nothing else to say.”

It gets worse.

Camping had so many people rallying behind is doomsday rhetoric that there was a PR campaign helping to spread the word.

“You can imagine we’re pretty disappointed, but the word of God is still true,” said publicist Tom Evans. “We obviously went too far, and that’s something we need to learn from.”

Speaking of going too far, one man, Robert Fitzpatrick, spent $140K of life savings to spread the word of “the rapture” in NYC. Here’s what he had to say about this:

“I do not understand why…I do not understand why nothing has happened.”

Sucks to be them. At least siting a 2012 date would have been a little more belivable. But the bottom line is, despite our sometimes destructive urge to want to control everything, human beings do not have knowledge of when the world will end.

Via Perez Hilton.