Today In Nerd News: Keanu Reeves In Talks To Star In ‘Akira’ Flick

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It’s safe to assume that anime nerds probably won’t be happy about this but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Keanu Reeves could possibly be the star of the English-language version of Akira. 

James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Pattinson and Michael Fassbender are names that came up for the project as the studio sought to find an A-list lead. Now comes word that Reeves has held talks with the studio, with whom he already made the massively successful Matrix movies. 

In the script, the action moves from Neon-Tokyo to New Manhattan, where a biker gang leader tries to save his best friend from a medical experiment that threatens to unleash destructive powers. If Reeves is chosen, he will play Kaneda, the gang leader. So far sources say the talks are going well. 

One, how do you feel about a Japanese anime flick–especially one as iconic as Akira–being made with no Asian actors and two, how do you feel about Keanu Reeves’ acting? Does that raise even more eyebrows?

Props to The Hollywood Reporter.