V Exclusive: Hit-Boy Talks Producing For Kanye & Pusha, ‘Watch The Throne’ And Scott Storch’s Influence [Pg. 2]


Have you guys started work on Kanye’s next album?

We’re working. We just got a bunch of songs. I won’t say where they will end up. I can’t into specifics. We got some crazy music together, just know that.

I know you’re going to be on Pusha T’s next project, right?

I definitely got some dope music for Pusha. We’re coming, man. I got some stuff for Kanye, pretty much the whole camp.

How about that Watch the Throne? Any chance we’re going to get a Hit-Boy record on there?

We’ll see. I’m definitely went in and handcrafted some stuff, so time will tell, man. There are a lot of producers trying to get on that thing.

It just seems like you caught everyone’s attention with Pusha’s “My God.” Do you have cats calling you trying to get that same sound?

Yeah, that’s what happens. But my whole thing is to push boundaries, to never have the same sound. I don’t ever want to duplicate what I’ve already done, but I can give somebody music of that caliber. I have been reached out by certain people and we’re making plans happen right now.

The artists that you work with, everybody is very different. You jump genres like it’s nothing. What do you attribute that to?

One person that I really look up to is Scott Storch. When he first came out, he had so many different sounds. He broke Beyonce. He did three singles on Beyonce’s first album. He broke Chris Brown. He did two singles on Chris Brown’s album. Just him being able to work with so many different artists, like he can do hard beats for Dr. Dre and then go produce for Christina. I always admired that about him. That’s one person that I pattern myself after. I never want to have the same sound. I don’t think you could compare two of my songs and say ‘this beat sounds like this beat,’ and I want to continue that for the rest of my [career].

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