V Exclusive: New Boyz Feat. Chris Brown ‘Better With The Lights Off’ + Ben J And Legacy Speak On New Album

Two of the Sunshine State’s youngest in charge are gearing up to release their sophomore album, Too Cool To Care, and blessed VIBE.com with the first listen to their new single “Better With The Lights Off,” which features Chris Brown. After spending the last 365 on the road, the New Boyz know all too well that sometimes things are just better with the lights off. Take a listen below!

New Music: New Boyz Feat. Chris Brown ‘Better With The Lights’

Too Cool To Care is scheuduled for release on May 17. (Pre-order Here)


Check out Legacy and Ben J speaking about their upcoming project below.



Why are you guys “too cool” this time around?

Legacy: When we first came out there was a lot of negative criticism only because we had a dance record out and we had skinny jeans, so those two things alone mean you have to work twice as hard just to prove yourself. We were making this new album and everyone was like ‘yo, how do y’all feel about these negative comments? How do y’all feel about what everybody is saying about y’all and the skinny jeans?’ and we were like ‘we don’t care. We’re too cool to care about that.’ The title really describes our attitude toward making music. People take stuff to seriously nowadays.

Ben J: We looked at it more like motivation. Go strong in the studio. Go hard all day long. They say jerkin is all we can do—whatever.

Legacy: It’s a lot bigger than that. The world isn’t even close to seeing our full potential. We’re doing production. We’re making our own beats, starting a clothing line and shooting our own videos. I just recently purchased the same camera that they shoot big budget movies with. I’m trying to bring it to the next level when it comes to videos because the new thing out right now is viral videos, but everyone is using Canons, most of the videos are low budget and that’s co.o because you’re shooting your own videos and stuff, but I’m like why shoot low budget videos at times and then have to pay $25,000 [for a real set], when you can pay $25,000 for the equipment that they shoot big budget videos with and just do it yourself.

Did you guys feel like you wanted to reach out and get bigger producers?

Ben J: Yeah, well when we were working on the first album we were working with a lot of our homies.

Legacy: It was that, and I just produced most of the beats. This one we had a lot more time to work and we had a lot more [connections], so we just hit up a lot more producers. But I also got my laptop stolen that had all my beats on it. The weak ass TSA stole it in the airport, and they stole my Xbox.

Ben J: They’re always stealing.