V Exclusive: New Boyz Feat. Chris Brown ‘Better With The Lights Off’ + Speak On New Album [PG.2]


So you lost like a year’s worth of work?

Legacy: Nah, like a month’s worth of work, so I was kind of off beats for a minute.

Who did y’all work with specifically ?

Ben J: We got beats from Kane. We got beats from B Major. I kind of forgot a couple of the producers we worked with.. oh, The Cataracs!

Legacy: Keith Orleans, that’s the homie, C.B. Dub and some local producers. Keith Orleans did “Cricketz” and he did “Dot Com” off our first album.

Did you feel like this time was more of your chance to be in there with the producer as opposed to emailing back and forth?

Legacy: Honestly, real talk, our favorite way to work is to get the song by email because you have more time to sit and create something really great.

Ben J: At the hotel, at your house.

Legacy: It’s fun working with producers because you be throwing parties. The more people in the studio the more girls come to the studio.I think the best way for me personally is getting the music sent to us and writing it ourselves.

Do you find you get a lot of your ideas when you’re not in the studio?

Ben J: We travel a lot. There are a lot of things to see in this world. There is a lot of stuff to do. There are a lot of new people that you meet. There are a lot of haters out there. Everything you do contributes to music and you can talk about that stuff in music. On this album we’re growing up a lot; we’re maturing up a lot. We got a lot more to talk about.

What about big guest appearances?

Legacy: One of the records leaked. We just dropped something with Big Sean. It’s called “I Don’t Care.” We did something with Shanell from Young Money. We got a stripper song with Charlie Wilson.

It’s like a strip club anthem?

Legacy: It’s the polite stripper song. It’s called “Beautiful Dancer.”

Ben J: The next single is with Chris Brown. It’s called “Better With The Lights Off”

Legacy: Oh yeah, that’s a surprise.

Did y’all get a chance to get in the studio with Chris?

Ben J: Nah, he just knocked it out and sent it to us. Right now he’s doing his tour so it was kind of hard to get his verse, but he did it anyway while he was busy, so that’s a lot of love.

Is there anything else you guys are working on?

Ben J: We did a movie called We the Party with Mario Van Peeples with Snoop Dog and etc. It was popping. We did a couple of appearances on The Mo’Nique Show. We did one for BET’s Rip The Runway. We’re doing a lot of stuff at the moment. We’re still traveling, working on this promotion.