Alexis On Advice For Amber Rose, Gag Orders & Being More Than Yeezy’s Ex (Pg. 2)

What was your reaction to seeing those two for the first time?
I think that at that point, you know sometimes you go through things and you’re like “I just want to do something different” and I think that’s what he was experiencing at that time so he just did something different. Not to say that she’s bad and I’m good, nothing like that, but that’s just what he wanted at that time.

If you had to give any type of advice to Amber since she’s now an infamous Kanye West ex, what you would tell her?
I have no comment on that. I just have no words for her. But I wish her luck in her future, everybody deserves somebody.

Has it been hard getting rid of that tag of being ‘Ye’s fiancée? Is that something you consciously wanted to rid yourself of?
No, it was just a part of my life, but I’m really confident in who I am and what it is I do. Anybody who meets me and gets to know me, I don’t think it would sway their decision either way on whether they like me or not. Either they will or they won’t.

Let’s put one more rumor to rest – did you ever have a gag order?
Hell no! Because seriously when Kanye and I first met he wasn’t as major as he is now and we were real friends, so how do I ask my friend who’s been there for so long and all of sudden be like ‘You can’t say this.’ Like no, I’m not doing that. He wouldn’t even ask.

Glad to hear. So how’s the love life now?
I’m happy, but I will not settle for less and I have whole list of what I want…

Is it a longass list like Chili’s?
(Laughs) I mean, you know, it’s not unrealistic.

I get it, you just don’t want to lower your standards.
Right. I feel like you get what you want out of something, so I’m not going to waste my time.

Think you’d date another rapper?

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