Alicia Keys Holds ‘Songs in A Minor’ Re-Release Album Signing In New York City


These past few weeks have been busy for soul songstress, Alicia Keys, as she promotes the re-release of her debut album ‘Songs in A Minor’ for its 10 year anniversary. After dazzling us with her performance at this years BET awards, last night the starlet made an appearance at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in So-Ho for an album signing, sponsored by Pop Market. With husband Swizz Beatz in tow, Alicia wandered the gallery that featured glossy portraits documenting her journey so far, from a braided-bohemian to a feathered diva.

Fans were invited to purchase a 3-disc collector’s edition of the ‘Songs in A Minor’ re-release that included a meet and greet with the Grammy-award winner herself. Tables were lined up against all four walls, displaying her five albums, including the re-release and their accompanying merchandise.

Dressed in a white cotton blouse, black dress slacks, sky-high heels, and a smile, the Fallin’-artist, sat at the front table draped in purple, as ecstatic fans walked up, snapping quick pictures with their phones, eager for their one minute of basking in spiritual realm of Ms. Keys. And as quickly as that minute began, it was soon over, but each fan left that table with a smile, some cried, and some were even silent.

“It felt amazing! She’s really nice!” a fan cries.

Alicia Keys especially paid attention to the younger fans that also attended the late night signing. Eight year old, Christopher was in attendance as a part of a birthday gift from his mother, “She’s my boo!” he proudly exclaimed when asked how it felt to meet his idol. (Watch out Swizz.)

Among the fans were invited guests that included Sony Music Entertainment executives and the legendary DJ Kool Herc, who held conversation in the corner with Swizz Beatz for most of the night.

Alica’s family and friends were also attendance as well.

“It’s amazing to see this happening. Ten years ago, I was at the Joe’s Pub concert when I was ten years old myself and to see everything, all of the pictures, it’s really been an amazing journey so far” remarked Alicia’s brother, Cole.

Congratulations are definitely in order! -Tyler McDermott