Bam Margera Has Emotional Breakdown At Jackass Co-star Ryan Dunn’s Crash Site


Two days ago, we reported that Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed in a fatal car crash. His co-star and best friend Bam Margera visited his crash site today and literally broke down at the thought of his friend’s untimely passing.

In regards to Ryan himself, he told FoxNews, amid tears that: “He was the happiest person ever. The smartest guy–had so much talent and he had so many things coming for him.”

Now before you go and get macho and question Bam’s tears, think about one thing: how would you feel if out of the blue, you lost your best friend? R.I.P. Ryan and our condolences are with his family, Bam, and the Entire Jackass family. Keenan Higgins

Peep FoxNew’s video of Bam’s breakdown below: