Basketball Wife Meeka Claxton Talks Being The New Girl

Meeka Claxton is now known to most as the newest addition to Basketball Wives but when asked to describe herself she says she is a mother first, a wife and then a businesswoman. The Atlanta-based New York native is married to retired point guard Speedy Claxton, with whom she also has two daughters.

Claxton agreed to appear on Basketball Wives more for business purposes. She is planning to open a Miami branch of her business and felt the popular show would be a great avenue for promotion. However, she did still find herself in the midst of some drama but don’t give up on her yet. Claxton revealed that while she got off to a bumpy start, she eventually regained focus on her goal, which was business and to portray a more positive image of the basketball wife.

VIBE caught up with the Queens, New York representative to find out how she got involved in the show and what made her tick in the beginning. ⎯Starrene Rhett

How did you get involved with Basketball Wives, were you already friends with Shaunie?

Shaunie and I were just BBM friends. We hadn’t met each other. She and I have mutual friends and one of the friends mention to her that she was casting. And I get a call from L.A., from one of the producers, saying that Shaunie gave her my info and she wanted me to think about it. After a long talk between my husband and I, we decided that being a businesswoman, this might be a really good strategic move as far as getting the world to know about my real estate company.

Did you watch the show before hand and know what to expect?

I’ve seen a few episodes before hand. I definitely saw more from the last season so I was familiar with the girls and who they were, but not enough to know their back-stories. So when I came in, I was asking everybody “What’s the deal with these guys? I want to know.”

I know they have this circle. Do you feel like they were treating you like an outsider, like a mean girl type of situation?

Not initially. When I was first introduced to the girls, I think everyone wanted to know more about this girl. It was more like the new girl in high school kind of feeling. I was more the one keeping everyone else at a distance, wondering what’s their deal and if they’re just being nice to my face kind of thing. It ends up being that situation where there are six girls, so it’s always going to be something. I definitely didn’t feel the ‘Mean Girl’ attitude that everyone kept talking about. I was hoping I wasn’t going to be portrayed as one of the mean girls because in the beginning, I came off a little hard on Royce. I didn’t really want to know who she was, what she represents is a girl who crosses the line and deals with the players when she’s not supposed to. So to me, I didn’t really want to come to Royce or sleep with the enemy by being friends with her. So I kept it real with her and told her how I felt and we just haven’t been able to get pass that and talk through it. I was a little nervous that I was going to be portrayed as one of the “mean girls” but I think that I was being honest about how I felt about even meeting her from the beginning.