Basketball Wife Meeka Claxton Talks Meshing With ‘The Circle’

From the trailer and what we’ve seen already, you don’t seem to get involved in some conflict but in general, who did you got close to in the cast?

That’s hard, especially since we’re still filming. Right now I’m just wary of everybody. A lot of things can transpire so for right now, I’m a little wary of them. I thought initially that I was probably closer to Jennifer but I know she already has a very tight bond with Evelyn. I’m still watching myself. I don’t know anyone there and I don’t take any nonsense, but I feel like at the same time my husband was telling me, “don’t be one of those, acting a fool on TV.” And I started thinking, “Oh I acted a fool a little bit.” So I started censoring myself, which is not a good thing, but I started to censor myself⎯just be cool and pretty much hold my tongue. You’re going to see I start to calm down and not be too brash. I try to be cool and let everyone enjoy their time. I try not to be so much of drama or whatever. I definitely didn’t want to be that character, the drama chick or the troublemaker. I was like, “let me just work about my business and do what I came out here to do,” which is to open up an office in Miami, which would be an extension of my Atlanta base, and worry about making that money because that’s definitely who I am.

One of the factors with the way a lot of people interact on reality TV is the long hours you guys tape. And with Basketball Wives a lot of you did’t really know each other before taping so that stress must definitely impact people’s behaviors.

It does become stressful, especially when I already spend a lot of time between New York and Atlanta because that’s where my two offices are and now I’m trying to branch out Miami. So now you’re adding a third city to the mix and I’m already not spending enough time as I love to with my family. So I’m trying to build my brand, so now it’s even harder for me, being away from them and a lot of the girls get to go home after long hours of just with all the drama and they get to go home and do whatever, where I go back to the condo and I’m by myself.

Do we get to see any family time between you and your girls and your husband on the show?

I was actually hoping for that because that is me. If anyone wanted to know who I am, I am a mother and wife first I’d give anything up for that. They didn’t really get my girls much on camera but my husband will be on there you’ll definitely see him.

At the end of the day, what do you want people to take from you on Basketball Wives?

I want people to know that basketball wives are not just at home chilling, having the nanny do all the work. I do lead very good life however I’m a very hands on mom, like businesswomen, we don’t just sit around and eat Bon Bons. I’m definitely in my office all the time trying to build on my own. So I hope they see that part of Basketball Wives, that they see a woman that’s married, that’s not waiting for something to happen to do something.

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