Beyoncé Says “Why Don’t You Love Me” Looks Shaped Her Career

Beyoncé revealed to W Magazine the seven looks that help mold her career. She’s known for completely taking on the fierce nature of her alter-ego and turning it up in every vid. A fun vid, and a Vixen fave, was “Why Don’t You Love Me.” This video may have been her most versatile as she breathed life into several different characters and fashion statements from the past. Here’s what she said of the fashionable, “secret” shoot:

I was still thinking about Bettie Page, and wanted to do something that was inspired by her. This video was a secret: I paid for and co-directed it and didn’t tell my label or my management. The clothes and jewelry are from my closet, the wigs are mine, and I did my own makeup. We did eight looks in one day in this great house that belonged to a producer who worked with Dorothy Dandridge. He had pictures of her on the wall, so her spirit is in the video, too. I love Super 8 film and wanted to get those saturated colors. It’s a different drama—the tears and martinis and cigarettes. I wanted to channel the past for the present.

To see the other video looks that shaped her career, head to W!