Cee-Lo Green Confirms New Gnarls Barkley Album Is Collabo Heavy

Gnarls Barkley fans can prepare for a new album from the group. Cee-Lo Green confirmed this in an interview with US Magazine.

“There is a new Gnarls Barkley album coming out!” Cee-Lo tells Us’ Charles Thorp. “There is a whole bunch of stuff with the collaborations. Hopefully people will like what I am doing, that is always a plus.”

This new album will serve as Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse’s follow-up to the 2008 Grammy-winning album, The Odd Couple.

As for what fans can expect to hear from the “Crazy” duo, Cee-Lo reveals, “I would hope it would break more grounds. Knowing the nature of the space that we shared I am pretty sure it will be somewhat similar.”

Until then, fans can catch Cee-Lo on NBC’s singing competition “The Voice,” his own talk show Talking with Strangers, his forthcoming documentary entitled Distilled, and of course, live on the ‘LOUD’ tour with Rihanna and J. Cole.

And most recently, Cee-Lo made headlines with his anti-gay Twitter comments, which he later deleted and apologized for. Guess we won’t be forgetting you anytime soon, Cee-Lo. -–Connie T.