Clive Davis Responds To Whitney Houston’s Battle With Drug Addiction

Music executive, Clive Davis recently stopped by Los Angeles’ KOST 103.5 morning show to talk new music and the business. During the interview, a question was raised about Davis’ dear friend, Whitney Houston, whose drug addiction battle has been making recent tabloid headlines.

The hosts were eager to get a non-tabloid take on the situation and Clive remarked that plans to record with the R&B songstress have been halted until her “golden voice is back”. He confirmed that she is seeking recovery from her drug and alcohol addiction, but is also currently battling an addiction to cigarettes. He hopes the best but refuses to work with her on a follow up to 2009’s I Look to You, until she takes care of her personal issues.

“Whitney has admitted that she’s had to conquer a drug addiction. That takes all of her energy. She also has had a very difficult time giving up cigarettes. In comparison, it sounds slight. But if you do have a cigarette problem in this instance, you can’t give it up. It is taking all of her energy. I know that she’s committed to do it. I know that she loves music. Right now she’s dealing with that situation and we’re not going to make another record or an album until that golden voice is there and is fully capable to knock everyone out” – Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer, Sony Music Entertainment.

We just wish her the best. —Tyler McDermott