CThaGod’s Concrete Journal: The 10 Commandments Of Hip Hop

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It should be some rules to this culture called Hip Hop. Dumb, Young, Rappers Need Guidance. So I decided to create some Charlamagne Tha God presents “The 10 Commandments Of Hip Hop.”

10) Thou Must Not Promote All Things Ghetto - Your Lyrics should not celebrate the Ghetto Life by Reminiscing about days in poverty, your mother on welfare, and your father not being there.  Instead of celebrating and embracing the poverty, crime, and ignorance of the ghetto.  We should be encouraging our people to move on up out of the ghetto like the Jeffersons.

9) Thou Must Advocate Anything Of Social Redeeming Value – Your lyrics should reflect that you are aware of the social political and economic reality of your community.  The consumer should assume that you read more than the Source or XXL.

8) Thou Shall Have A Sense of History - MC’s should refer to historical events that may cause the listener to think about his/her relation to history.  Your role is to entertain and educate.  Instead of mentioning names like Jacob the Jeweler and Versace mention names like W.E.B. Dubois and Louis Farrakahan.

7) Thou Must Not Worship Money And The “Bling Bling” – You must not talk about money and “Bling Bling” as if it were a living, breathing thing.  Your lyrics should not put money and “Bling Bling” over love, women, family, or religion. (See Next Commandment)

6) Thou Must Talk About God And Spiriutality - MC’s should not condone Atheism and a false belief system that does not acknowledge the existence of a higher being.  You should promote the spiritual beliefs that may have been instilled in you by family.  Especially because the first thing rappers say when they win an award is “I want to thank God…”