Dennis Rodman Gets Into Fight After Being Asked About Lebron James

According to TMZ, former NBA star Dennis Rodman got into a physical altercation with a ‘local patron’ at a bar in Akron, Ohio earlier this week. Allegedly, Rodman shoved the man, Michael Douglas after being asked if he was in Akron checking on Lebron.

Apparently this set Rodman off and he reciprocated with a shove. Fortunately, Douglas wasn’t injured, but the next patron may not be so lucky. At this time, police are not pursuing the incident any further because of a lack of evidence obtained during their investigation.

Rodman’s reps speak out claiming this is news to them to, “Dennis has no clue what this about.” Why you mad, Rodman? Don’t hate because Lebron made it further in his career in less time than you. #justsaying —Noelle Latimore