Diary Of Kimberly Jones (June/July 2011 Sex Issue Feature) (Pg. 3)

York: We wanted her to be sexy. We were thinking of her as a hip-hop Madonna, a hip-hop Erica Kane.

Nzingha (makeup artist): The first video we did together was “Crush on You.” That set the tone for her being a chameleon. My references were Madonna and her hairstyles—from blonde to black straight hair.

Misa Hylton (stylist): I met her in 1993. She had a short cut like Halle Berry. A denim suit. Kim really put name brands on the map, like the guys did with gators and Coogi. 

Kory Jackson (A&R, Undeas Records): The [promo] picture with Kim squatting was Un’s idea. We were like, “Maybe that’s a little far-fetched.” But Big said, “That’s it.” It was an immediate response in the street: “Oh my God, you seen that Kim picture?” When I had my street teams out, people were ripping the posters out of our hands.

Michael Lavine (photographer, Hard Core]: She was so passive during the shoot. Very shy. 

Daddy-O: Our first image of Lil’ Kim was with a briefcase and a suit. Un had this idea of her looking like Jackie [Kennedy]. When I heard Hard Core, it was like, this is borderline soft porn! 

Lil’ Cease: Once he had it planned, [Big] knew who he could write for and who could write for themselves. I didn’t take it serious at all. I wasn’t a rapper. Trife and Larceny were rappers. Kim was a rapper.

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