Diddy Settles Lawsuits Stemming From 1999 Club Shooting

After years of number one hits and new business ventures, Bad Boy CEO, Diddy’s past always manages to come back to haunt him.

Earlier this morning, The New York Post reported that Diddy,born Sean Combs, has quietly settled the last of the civil lawsuits pending from the shooting at Club New York twelve years ago on December 27, 1999. Combs, his old beau Jennifer Lopez, and former artist, Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow were in attendance to celebrate Shyne’s signing to Bad Boy Records.

Among the people seeking justice, was club-goer Natania Reuben who was shot in the nose after Shyne reportedly let off a round of fire during an altercation with a man known as Matthew ‘Scar’ Allen.

While testifying in court, Reuben described the bullet impact as a “…flaming hot sledgehammer hit me in the face,” The beautician and mother of two was rewarded 1.8 million dollars in the settlement, but still experiences seizers because of the seven bullet fragments still lodged in her face. The settlement amount was confirmed by former Club New York owner, Michael Bergos who opted out of signing the confidentiality agreement in the settlement. Citing, “because I did nothing wrong and I may need to talk about [the incident] sometime in the future.”

He reported that two other bystanders who were also injured were rewarded 500,000 and 50,000 dollars in damages as well.

While Diddy coughed up the dough in the end, Shyne was convicted of shooting 2 bystanders and served 9 years in prison. After his release, Shyne was deported back to Belize.

And though Reuben and others chose to keep quiet about the settlement, Bergos hopes to write a book about his travails. – Tyler McDermott

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