Don’t Sweat The Technique! Sweat-Proof Makeup Secrets

Warm weather is a beauty gift and a curse. The plus side? Heated temperatures can serve as inspiration to try bright colors and golden shimmery looks that glisten in the sun. The down side is these sizzling looks can quickly take a turn for the worse as a result of perspiration. There is no worse look than streams of running foundation topped with sweat bubbles. Runny makeup is a beauty faux pas that with the right tools can be easily avoided.

1. Keep shine controllers handy.
A smooth, matte makeup look won’t last long if you’re going to be exposed to the sun or partaking in any kind of physical activity. That’s why shine reducing tools like blotting paper and oil-control rolls should be a mainstay in your purse or everyday travel beauty kit. If you prefer not to blot your makeup, try a shine control moisturizer or gel.

2. Don’t shy away from tints and stains.
Invest in a few lip and cheek tints or stains to extend the life of your makeup while on the go. They last longer than a regular blush shade or lip color. For the lips, try to avoid creamy lipsticks. If you do rock them, use a sealant over the hue. Don’t own any cheek tints? Try using lipstick or a lip tint to do the trick.

3. Primers are a girl’s best friend.
If you want long-lasting makeup, you have to use makeup primer. Not only do they help makeup stay on your face longer, they prep the skin by creating a matte, oil-absorbing palette before application.

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