The-Dream Hints At Double-Single Dropping Tomorrow; Prepares ‘Nikki: The Chronicles’ Book

Please excuse our Assistant Editor’s stantasticness tweets, any news about The-Dream sends the ella into a fervor. 

So what’s the report? According to Mr. Nash, he’s keeping his promise of delivering music on 6-7-2011. While it doesn’t look a full album will be peeking it’s head—as promised in Love King—according to Dream’s Twitter, fans can maybe expect the double-single “Zenith” to show face tomorrow. 


After admitting that his third album was a rushed project, Dream also announced a book based on perhaps one of his most deep-seated tracks ever, “Nikki,” from his critically-acclaimed 2007 debut Love Hate. It’s unclear what type of book Dream’s peddling, but expect it to arrive for Valentine’s Day 2012. 

In the meantime we’ll be stalking dude’s Twitter throughout the 9-5 tomorrow. 


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