Fashion Forgiveness! Should John Galliano Get A Second Chance?


Remember that very messy situation with Dior designer John Galliano? Well, he may just be forgiven by the fashion gods and return to his LVMH position as creative director of the luxe brand. Galliano, the rebellious mastermind behind the greatness of Dior, appeared in French court on Friday as a “recovering addict” who made poor choices. And while models struted in the men’s spring/summer 2012 Dior collection at Paris Fashion week, the fallen king’s label was placed into the hands of Bill Gaytten.

The question is: Should Galliano lose all he’s worked for due to drunken praise of Adolf Hitler and rants of anti-semitism, or can an ill man of creative genius recover his reign as a Dior powerhouse?

You decide and let us know!